Friday, December 17, 2010

Energy Storage News: Odds and Ends

Good report from POWER-GEN International on the Energy Storage Technologies panel session by Robert Preston, a portfolio manager with Merrill Lynch.

An interesting energy storage concept was reported by Eric Bloom of Pike Research, where buildings are jacked up and the huge weight acts as the "storage medium."

John Cooper of Grid Net writes on the "Smart Grid: Leveraging the disruptive impact of solar PV" and the role of energy storage.

Mercedes-Benz delivers its first fuel cell B-Class vehicles to California: The vehicle uses a hydrogen-powered fuel cell to generate electricity and a lithium-ion battery for energy storage. Unlike electric vehicles, the B-Class F-CELL takes only three minutes to refuel with hydrogen and emits only water as a byproduct.

China's BYD Auto and the Housing Authority of Los Angeles have launched a trial program for a fleet of BYD electric cars, as the battery-maker turned car company moves a step closer toward its goal of vehicle sales in North America.

GE researchers successfully demonstrated on a hybrid transit bus a dual battery system that pairs a sodium battery from GE with a Li-ion battery from A123Systems.

On the "short list" for the Zayed Future Energy Prize is Y-Carbon, a company founded by scientists at Drexel University and Georgia Tech that makes nanoporous carbon to improve the storage capacity of supercapacitors.

SK Group, Korea’s third-largest conglomerate, will cooperate with the state-sponsored Korean Electronics Technology Institute to develop electricity storage technology and secondary batteries.

Indy Power Systems said it will install a 50kW, 200kWh grid energy storage and peak shaving system based on used lead-acid batteries for Melink's corporate headquarters.

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